March in March

The March in March will in some circles be described as a huge success given that thousands of people across the whole nation gathered to express no confidence in the Abbott Govt. Even if the mainstream media gives proportionate coverage to this unprecedented dissent, it is unlikely that the many millions who did not attend the rallies; or even know that they happened; or have any idea or opinion about what is actually going on this country, will take notice and wake up sufficiently to make an informed decision at the next federal election. The passion and unity of those in the know, about the neo conservative right wing attack on the public interests of this nation, is swamped by the massive inertia and apathy of those who are content with a life of modern gadgets, cooking and home renovation television and 24 hour sports coverage.

The embarrassing reality of the Australian general public’s level of engagement in the politics is epitomised, and a historical fact, that once the current government has copped sufficient criticism, generated by the media, the electorate mindlessly exercises their democratic freedom by voting in the opposition totally regardless of what ideologies or policies they propose. 

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