“OK, So this is what I believe

  1. Whatever way you look at it the world is getting fucked up real bad and the rich are getting richer in the process.
  2. If we don’t stop doing this shit nature’s going to whip our arses big time.
  3. The cause of this fuck up is that we all want to be millionaires and we don’t stop to ask ourselves “hey is this actually possible?”
  4. The “save the world” attempts over the last twenty years have been fucking useless because no one seems to understand that endless economic growth just don’t make any sense and can’t be part of the solution.
  5. Until we all wake and it becomes totally cool to live without a whole lot of the crap that we got now and totally uncool to have more than anyone else we will continue to shit in our nest and on each other.
So me and me mates reckon that the top 100 brains in the world, the ones who know what’s really going on and who have got a bit of street cred, need to get together real soon and, with the help of a stack of other famous dudes, get all those greenies and other assorted do gooders to put there own little issues on the backburner for a bit and focus on the real reason that everything is fucked up. Then the rest us of dickheads who are sick of all the bullshit that gets thrown at us everyday will show up once a month to have a yarn about how we’re gunna stop the rot and start doin’ what really needs to happen and that’s gotta start with getting some fair dinkum bastards, who can’t be bought by the fat cats, into government and ready to do whatever needs to be done to get us back on track so that our kid’s, kid’s, kid’s aren’t gonna look back at us idiots and say “what the fuck were they thinkin?””

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