A story about dementia

Very pleased to have my story  The ‘D’ Word published in Meniscus Literary Journal Volume 5, Issue 2.

Meniscus cover
SOMEWHERE IS A NOTE I have written to myself about what I
should be doing next. It contains a general preamble followed by a set
of dot points. It all came to me after a long walk on the beach, and I
jotted it down with a pen and a piece of paper I found in my shoulder
bag. Maybe it was the cool breeze, maybe it was the vitamin D courtesy
of the sun, but whatever it was, the clarity was lovely—and somewhat
rare these days.

For the life of me, I can’t find this piece of paper with my brilliant
ideas. It’s lost, like me.

Read the rest in the Meniscus Literary Journal Volume 5 Issue 2, available free online CLICK HERE

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