Birth, School, Work, Death

Yesterday, I had a lovely chat and cuppa with a lovely fellow who brought along cakes. How very civilised!
He also brought some of his very creative sculptures and the two children’s book he has both written and illustrated. We talked about a whole heap of stuff including this somewhat negative perspective of life in modern world, which I wrote for Shift Magazine what seems like a lifetime ago.

SHIFT magazine

By Sean Crawley

There is no greater modern illusion, even fraud, than the use of the single term “work” to cover what for some is … dreary, painful, socially demeaning and what for others is enjoyable, socially reputable and economically rewarding.

– JK Galbraith


In good faith, many of us accept the conventional wisdoms of our times and get on with life according to the scripts already written for us by society. Parents, schools and workplaces enculturate us to believe that being a member of a modern progressive liberal society is a blessing that we should grateful for. Respect for the traditions of family, education and work is expected and if one does adhere to the rules a rewarding and comfortable life is the widely advertised outcome. Governments and business promote a strong narrative that the current versions of democracy and capitalism are the essential (and only viable) foundations…

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