Desk currently located somewhere down by the coast

Writing by the coast photo

Writing by the coast

After six years in the hinterland, I have returned to coastal living. I can walk to the beach and the lake. I smell saltwater and feel cool coastal breezes. It feels like home.


An excerpt from my story The Track:

With the raciness gone, life began to fill with the simplest of things and moments.

I collected stuff from along our track and from off the beach. The beach was different everyday and you never knew what the sea would offer up. When he’d see me stoop and pick up something, Davis would say, “He’s a goodun,” or, “She’ll work well on that necklace you’re stringing.”

Who needs raciness?

After two years our track to the beach was bare dirt in some places. The chocolate coloured patches in the green and yellow grass were cool in the mornings and warm on the sunny afternoons.

“She feels good, this earth,” said Davis.

Read the full story HERE

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