8 thoughts on “Rocket Science

  1. Rocket Science loved this Sean. Great visual sensory descriptions of the gully, the world problems possibly solved, the natural reader bias towards a male protagonist which is shattered in the wonderful final line. Great work.

  2. Congratulations Sean, you’re going from strength to strength. julie

    On 21 February 2018 at 05:47, wake up and smell the humans wrote:

    > Sean Crawley posted: “Very pleased to get another one of my short stories > published online. Bull & Cross is the creation of Daniel R. Julian and is > definitely worth taking a good look at. My story “Rocket Science” has been > just published in Volume 11. READ IT HERE” >

  3. Very much liked this story. I had a similar stream site I went to as a boy. It’s long since been sent through a pipe and buried, but I used it in one of my early stories.

    Thanks for “Rocket Science.”

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