Socialists Have Aspirations as Well

Dear Prime Minister,

It’s pretty clear that you and your side of politics believe that any form of taxation or welfare destroys people’s aspirations. I speak for myself while suspecting I am not alone, especially since at the last federal election more people voted for Labor and the Greens than voted for your so called broad church coalition of neo/liberal/conservative/national parties.

I have lots of aspirations. One of these I can phrase in your very own faux fair dinkum ozzie parlance. It is: a fair go so we can all have a go. It looks a lot like your mantra: a fair go for those who have a go, but it is quite different, and the type of society that would emanate from my philosophy would be quite different from the one you are currently legislating into existence.

If you’re having trouble understanding the difference, let me use this horticultural analogy. One gardener, let’s call him Bluey, sows a field of wild flower seeds. The other gardener, let’s call her Cerise, does the same. Bluey likes to keep a tight rein on his gardening budget so he waits until the seeds sprout before he decides which plants will get water, mulch and fertiliser. Cerise has already fertilised and mulched the soil and she regularly waters the whole field. It doesn’t take long before some of the wild flowers in Bluey’s patch sprout and grow tall and strong. Bluey gives them lots of water and all the fertiliser they need, he mulches around them and sings their praises. “Why look at this tall strong blue flower, it is clearly having a go. It deserves to be well looked after.” After some time Bluey’s field contains a smattering of tall thriving blue flowers. “Look how they reach for the sky, they will be an inspiration for all the other flowers who are not so tall or strong. Oh, what a good gardener am I.”

Cerise’s garden has blue flowers as well, but they don’t stand out like the ones in Bluey’s garden because they are surrounded by a multi-coloured blanket of floral delights. By feeding, watering and tending to the whole field each species of flower can thrive and blossom.

Not all flowers aspire to be the tallest.

Image result for wildflowers


Scott, I believe that the brand of aspiration you and your adherents claim that socially progressive political parties wish to destroy, is the aspiration that drives some people to become wealthy by winning at the brutal game of capitalism.

I don’t aspire to be wealthy, but I do aspire. I aspire to live in a society that is well watered and fertilised, a society where every person is looked after so they can thrive in a multi-coloured field of wild and unique humans.

Call me a socialist if you will. Yes, a small red flower, that for a long time now has been wrongly accused of being something that it is not. I am not a communist, I am not a soldier of class warfare. I am not envious of the rich and influential. I aspire for things other than money and power. I aspire for peace and equality and for our human society to tread a whole lot more lightly on the planet and all its life forms.

Scomo, you have been elected to serve all the peoples of Australia. Please understand that not all of us aspire to get ahead of the pack to be tall poppies in the corporate world that is destroying the planet with its dogged pursuit of growth and profits. Welfare and taxation are the water and fertiliser for a healthy society. Most of us would prefer to live in Cerise’s garden and not Bluey’s.

Fair dinkum,


21 thoughts on “Socialists Have Aspirations as Well

  1. Enjoyed this piece Sean. I too share your aspirations but have not the political nous or anger which drives you! I just roll my eyes and shake my head. Love the field of flowers analogy.

  2. Sean, you say: “I aspire for peace and equality and for our human society to tread a whole lot more lightly on the planet and all its life forms.”
    Now ‘peace and equality’, I do wonder why is it that this kind of aspiration is not reflected in our parliament? So, why is it not possible for voters to find candidates with this sort of aspiration who may have a chance to be voted in?
    Is it because the majority of voters do indeed love excessive prosperity more than peace, justice and equality?
    I cannot see how a revolution can fix that. Maybe an education revolution would be a start. Only the problem might come up that the educational system can be manipulated unduly . . .
    So, freedom of thought is very important, isn’t it? You see, I have a lot of questions. I cannot see any easy answers to my questions.
    It seems to me, that worsening climate change may bring some answers in a way that is going to be extremely detrimental to our ‘good’ way of life. I do not like to be so pessimistic. But maybe some changes in people’s thinking, the majority of people that is, can be brought about only by major disasters. There are quite a few very well informed and wise people on this planet. But it seems to me so far the majority of people refuses to listen to them where it counts, even though the internet gives us the chance to inform ourselves adequately . . . .

    • Like you, I have many questions as well, bucket loads of them! Your question: “So, why is it not possible for voters to find candidates with this sort of aspiration who may have a chance to be voted in?” pops into my head often.

      Unfortunately, I believe, our education system is failing us. Somehow, the school system has become this fierce competition for marks, to gain entry into the university courses that promise the highest incomes upon graduation. The school system, to a large extent, effectively destroys innate curiosity and the love of learning. And we do this to our children! Teachers in the vast majority don’t want NAPLAN, but the bureaucrats don’t listen to teachers, they listen to economists and Business Councils because unfortunately schools have become the training camps for the capitalist machinery.

      It is a sad thing to admit, but by and large change won’t really happen until there is imminent threat. Climate change will likely be that threat, the question is, how long before that threat becomes imminent enough to outweigh our desire for excessive prosperity?

      • I do turn 85 this year, Sean. Whether I am going to experience this imminent threat depends very much on how much longer I am going to live!! 🙂
        My descendants are many. What are they going to experience?

  3. HI Sean, someone sent me the link to your post, Letter to the Prime Minister. Did you really send it off? I think, he should read it but I doubt that he would. He is from a different planet.

    I liked the whole sentiment that is contained in your post. The analogy of the two different gardens is a good one. It is the diversity of plants that makes the meadow superior to the lawn. Monoculture has destroyed agriculture and contributed to the change in the climate of our once beautiful planet.

    The PM claims to be a Christian (by the way, I’m not). Then he should know that his god has given mankind stewardship of the world. Humans are not part of the natural world anymore they have taken over by force of numbers. Now we should manage the environment. But what do we do? We exploit the environment. Where is the brotherhood of man? The PM, as you have pointed out, counts only on the people he imagined are having a go. Your kind of aspiration is meaningless in his book.

    Thank you for your well written, meaningful post.

  4. Hi Sean! Maybe you’d be interested to watch this YouTube video:

    Prof. Muhammad Yunus: A World of Three Zeros – The New Economics of Zero Poverty

    On YouTube it says the following:

    “Smart City Expo World Congress
    Published on Dec 3, 2018

    Prof. Muhammad Yunus offers his vision of an emerging new economic system. Yunus was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in alleviating poverty. Now he declares it’s time to admit that the capitalist engine is broken – that in its current form it inevitably leads to rampant inequality, massive unemployment, and environmental destruction. We need a new economic system that unleashes altruism as a creative force just as powerful as self-interest. The change will come through the action of people and the emergence of new social business.

  5. This was an excellent parable. I’m sorry to learn that the love of money and power is overtaking your country as well as mine. This sickness seems to be spreading all over the world.

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