Short Story Stock Clearance Sale – 50% OFF!

For a short time only these never before published titles are available for sale at 50% off the standard Media Entertainment Arts Alliance (MEAA) base rate per word of 95 cents.

As well as gaining full copyright of the story, purchasers will receive by Australia Post regular mail, a signed by the author, hard-copy short story printed on Coles brand A4 paper. Free postage and packaging. Electronic version of story available upon request at no extra cost.

Ape School – $604.20

Months to Live – $868.78

Coming to Grips – $826.03

The Town with No Name – $2,337.00

Doing the Best They Can – $799.90

The Simple Solution – $517.28

Ergot on Rye – $1,055.93

Talk Raw Data to Me – $234.18

It’s All Arranged – $134.43

So Far … – $760.00

My Mad Mutation Mountain Mission – $655.00

The Joys of Country Life – $545.00