Happy Equinox


There are so many things that can divide us – race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, income. Identity politics is tribalism gone mad.

Today, every human (and every fish, bird, ant and plant; not to mention the beaches and oceans and mountains and plains) on this planet we call Earth, will experience twelve hours of day and twelve of night.

All equal, everywhere.



Leaving home

leaving home

2013: Australia votes in Tony Abbott as Prime Minister – move to New Zealand?

2016: Australia votes in Malcom Turnbull as Prime Minister – move to New Zealand?? Donald Trump is voted in as POTUS, things could get nasty – move to New Zealand???

2017: New Zealand elects Jacinda Ardern; yes, female, yes, Labour, and yes, she calls out capitalism as a ‘blatant failure’. Malcolm Turnbull dismisses Uluru Statement from the Heart – look up real estate in New Zealand.

2019: Australia votes in Scott Morrison as Prime Minister, who appoints first indigenous person as minister responsible for Aboriginal affairs and then dismisses Uluru Statement from the Heart – book flights to New Zealand.

book flights