To apostrophise, or not to apostrophise?


Sample bag from a festival with an apostrophe, set against the backdrop of my bass guitar


Those for:

Sydney Writers’ Festival

Wyong Writers’ Festival

Adelaide Writers’ Week

Emerging Writers’ Festival

Mildura Writers’ Festival

NT Writers’ Festival


Those against:

Melbourne Writers Festival

Brisbane Writers Festival

Wollongong Writers Festival

Newcastle Writers Festival

Perth Writers Week

Canberra Writers Festival

Byron Writers Festival

Bendigo Writers Festival

Tasmanian Writers and Readers Festival

12 thoughts on “To apostrophise, or not to apostrophise?

  1. Microsoft Word doesn’t like it when I use apostrophes. It doesn’t like it when I don’t. I can’t win. I like apostrophes – as long as they are used properly. Maybe life would be easier without them. Their use is certainly in decline. Pity: I think they raise us above the cave man. Lot of cave men where I work. Wouldn’t know an apostrophe if it kicked them in the bollocks. Is this a lament? I suspect so.

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