Shepherd’s Delight

red sky

We were told to stay indoors. That worked for a day or two and then the smoke inside was just as bad as outside. So we go outside now. The UV radiation levels are down, no need for sunscreen.

We’ve taken up smoking again, 34 cigarettes a day, we are told. No cost, no butts.

You can see the asbestos fibres rising off the super six roofing. We used to cut that stuff with angle grinders, no masks, no goggles, no ear muffs. The good old days.

Shrubs and trees are flowering magnificently. Best it’s been for years. And the mango trees are fruiting. Love mangoes in summer.

A new decade is about to begin. We will call it the twenties. We will see the population hit 8 billion. We will keep revising the number of degrees Celsius that the world has warmed. We will celebrate births. We will argue politics and religion until the cows come home.

The cows are coming.

9 thoughts on “Shepherd’s Delight

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