Pondering Paradigm Shifts


The stairs at Toowoon Bay

Here is the headline (https://www.abc.net.au/news/science/2019-12-13/time-to-stop-lying-to-our-children-about-physics/11789858?fbclid=IwAR1NDZdUNulseRxG_hK_zdg375x6K39xxqdCPDQAn0lBxf5xFZhAMed-GR0 ) :

Putting Einstein first: It’s time to stop lying to our children about physics

Then, in the body:

Isaac Newton is a physics icon, but he was wrong.

Newton was wrong? Einstein was right?

Shifting one’s mindset from a Newtonian to an Einsteinium paradigm is no easy task.

Now, it’s pretty easy to get critical, thus the temptation call out Newton as ‘wrong’. In everyday human experience his laws work perfectly fine. The realities of general and special relativism only come into play in situations that do not affect me and you as we try to get by in the environment which is Earth.

Sure, Einstein’s discoveries and later quantum physics discoveries have help scientists and engineers create some lovely, and terrifying, technological applications, which we do use. But seriously, school is not the place to start with an understanding of the laws of nature by starting with the theories of relativity and quantum physics.

Einstein himself admitted he stood on the shoulders of giants. And, like any mere mortal mind, we need to climb the well established pathways leading to the higher realms of understanding.

I was once a teacher of high school Physics. In my opinion, Galileo is a good starting point for school-age learners of physics.

Now, I contemplate how our species might address the more pertinent issues such as, what is the human carrying capacity of this planet? And, how do we stop the psychopaths from being able to rise to such positions of power that they manage to fool us into blindly heading along a pathway that defies all known laws of nature?

Again, we must take the necessary steps upwards upon the path of knowledge set in stone by the giants of our ancestry.

We know who they are.

6 thoughts on “Pondering Paradigm Shifts

  1. ” . . . they manage to fool us into blindly heading along a pathway that defies all known laws of nature ” and “what is the human carrying capacity of this planet?” Yes, we are being fooled all the time. Why for instance are we constantly being told that we need to have growth?
    I question the kind of leadership we are getting!
    Here is what Laura Tingle writes about the bushfire emergency:

  2. In that article “Putting Einstein first: It’s time to stop lying to our children about physics” it says:
    “Physicists and chemists have been using these rules of the quantum world for decades to invent transistors, computers, lasers, nuclear reactors, cameras, mobile phones, whole body MRI scanners, drugs and medicines.”
    Should our children not be taught about these rules of the quantum world? I would think that it is important that they get to know that such rules do exist!

    • Sure, they can be taught about those things. Though to fully understand the science involved they would need to have a good grasp of the the underpinning knowledge, ie, Newtonian physics.

      • I admit, Sean, I do not fully understand the science. Probably most kids can be taught much better than I could be taught! As long as all kids get the chance to learn about these things, we are on the right path. I am sure you have been a good teacher and inspired a lot of children. For sure we do need a lot of good teachers, especially in science! 🙂

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