I heard the news today, oh boy!

nature payback

Australia is burning and the POTUS has been impeached. It doesn’t matter what our PM says about reaching our Paris Commitments in a canter, or what the President says about witch hunts, Mother Nature has switched into pay-back mode.

We are being punished for listening to, or ignoring, the psychopaths. They’re mainly men, they’re mainly white, they’re mainly religious, and they’re all damaged. But, we the enablers, the ones who have let them get their way, are of all different genders, skin colours and beliefs. We are the frightened masses and we vote them in, and it’s hard not to feel at times that we deserve everything we get.

China did an experiment with population control, the one child policy. It was a failure, and now any talk of population control is taboo. And while we’re at it, because we here in the West can’t even begin to comprehend the mind of China, we rule out collectivism and thus any left leaning ideas and political policies. ‘It’s a slippery slope to communism,’ the psychopaths scream when any murmurs of equality manage to gain some traction among the normally compliant enablers. Individualism facilitated by capitalism rages out of control.

Have you heard this: ‘Climate change is an opportunity for jobs and growth.’ Did you bang your head against a wall when you heard it? Or, did you just shrug and think, yes, I guess it could be?

It’s predicted that the human population on Earth will hit 8 billion in the next decade: The Roaring Twenties? China won’t do another experiment with population control. And here in Australia, population growth is essential for economic growth and prosperity, unquestioned. As is foreign investment. So while we recoil at the dictatorial authoritarianism and the atrocities against human rights being committed by our communist neighbour to the north, we squabble about the tricky negotiations and balancing act required to maintain our trade with China and our unquestioned alliance with the USA where they just impeached their psychopath president.

But all of this is human noise, pointless chatter. We don’t need a human population control policy, or new emission targets to limit global warming to whatever number of degrees Celsius are agreed upon in Kyoto, Paris, or Madrid. Mother Nature is getting on with the job, restoring balance – we won’t have to lift a finger.

5 thoughts on “I heard the news today, oh boy!

  1. You are too right, Sean: “Mother Nature is getting on with the job, restoring balance – we won’t have to lift a finger.”
    So “The Roaring Twenties” are coming. I do not doubt it. Let’s be merry for as long as we can.
    Growth, growth, growth? Wo wants it?
    Let’s aim for clean air, common sense distribution of sparse water, alternative use of clean energy wherever possible, and sustainable food production . . . Really simple, isn’t it? 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on Thar She Blows! and commented:
    Please read this think piece by Sean Crawley, it’s all too true and holds a mirror directly to our faces. Mine and yours. Listen guys, I don’t know how much humans are involved in the climate change, if at all, but we can’t deny it. Not any longer.It’s happening as we speak. So let’s do something.
    Impeach Trump? Yes,have a go at it, by all means. Hate the Australian PM? Okayyyy… But it won’t change a fukn thing about the weather, does it?

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