Houston, we have lift off!

happy punters


Last Sunday, Dead People Don’t Eat Jam launched into the rarefied atmosphere of Bookworld. My good friend, Geoff Eagar, did a crackin’ job both acting as MC and also giving a memorable and dramatic reading of Tall Tales and True. The CWA Hall proved to be the perfect venue for the gathering and I must express my humble gratitude to all who came along.

nice spread

Linda, my trusty sidekick, who incidentally got me into short story writing in the first place, womanned the sales counter with impeccable style and cash handling ability. Cask wine and beer flowed, the Jatz biscuits loaded with French Onion Dip were scoffed with gay abandon, and those little toothpicks skewered with a red, green or plain cocktail onion, a cube of cheddar cheese and slice of cabanossi, were sampled by the brave and nostalgic.

For those of you unable to attend, I have books for sale still at a cheaper than anywhere else price. Please contact me directly, HERE, if you wish to purchase.


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