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Apparently, now is the time to get on with all those creative ideas that we’ve had bubbling away on that back burner in our brain. Because, apparently, up ‘til now we’ve been so occupied by sprinting flat out in the human race to get ahead, that there has been no spare time or energy left over for pursuits, such as writing or sketching or nurturing a garden.

Apparently, we are so programmed to achieve, that even in lockdown, or self isolation, we need to still be productive!

Or, what about being nice to others, and reconnecting with family and loved ones. Apparently, we haven’t be doing enough of that while we’ve working, or searching for work, to keep that roof over our heads and food on the table.

Now, if creative pursuits or human relationships aren’t your thing, apparently, according to fifty squillion emails in my Junk folder, the winding down of the rat race is the perfect time to make a small fortune with bitcoins! Apparently, even while a microscopic life form is teaching us an important lesson about the dangers of exponential growth, the economy still trumps everything else.

How about we just have a rest? Put up the feet and shift the nervous and endocrine systems into neutral. Do that for as long as required. Let our own minds and bodies decide when we’re ready to go again. Apparently, that could be good for our health.

13 thoughts on “Apparently

  1. Yeah… I’ve been unemployed for 3yrs. I did really good at college from home for awhile but burned out on it. I admire the people who are planning to use the time to house clean… I used it to become boarderline hoarder (but I also deal with a lot of pain).

  2. I love how you have written this Sean, it’s very warm, witty, and comforting in this challenging time, the conclusion is spot on as well. Just ‘blob it out’ for a while, take stock and be still instead of trying to strive…trying to strive is so exhausting. Perhaps if the entire world stopped striving so hard, it would be a healthier place overall, at least all of the wordless plants and animals would agree with that!

    • Thank you, Athena. These are tricky times. Your thoughts on ‘striving’ resonate with many of us. Some time out to reflect on who and what we are and how we can evolve for a better future. And, yes, some overdue peace and quite for the natural world.

      • Yes I think this will be a positive that will come out of it. People around the world will be able to see what governments can do for the environment, keeping the air clean by reducing industry, remote work, remote education and think – why am I paying for my kids to go to expensive schools when they can learn from home? Why do I need to go into the office to go to work? etc etc. I think great and positive change is going to come out of this, the veil has been lifted on what the government can do for people.

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