The propaganda of ‘the economy’


This is the lie the neoliberals want us to believe:

Schools and workplaces must remain open for the well-being of all. Schools and workplaces are essential for the economy. A healthy economy such as the one we had before the pandemic was good for everyone. Humans who can’t attend school or work will suffer mental health problems. Without school, children will become lazy, undisciplined and dumb, without jobs adults will become lazy, unproductive and dependent on government welfare.

Here are some truths:

Schools and universities have been slowly but surely evolving into training institutions to produce workers that are useful for the economy. Workplaces have slowly but surely been de-unionised for the sole purpose of profit which is not shared with the workers. The economy we had before the pandemic gushed money to the top, the trickle down only kept workers one or two paydays away from defaulting on mortgage payments to the banks or rent payments to landlords. The fear of losing the roof over your head is the main cause of mental health issues arising from lockdowns. Children are naturally curious learning machines and for eons, long before the invention of ‘the economy’, humans have cooperatively worked together to efficiently and creatively meet their needs and wants and solve the problems of surviving and thriving.

Don’t be fooled by the propaganda.