Friday 6th November 2020, 4:25am

Too close to call.

While the world waits, for who will get the 270 electoral college votes needed to be President, life goes on and the media needs to report stuff. Stuff for us to consume. We hunger for it. It’s nibblies at the moment while we wait for the result of this “unprecedented” and “most important election of all time[Journo speak]. The main meal is coming. 

There is a lot of wondering. Wondering if the incumbent will leave the White House even if he loses fair and square as decided by the courts. Wondering if he will sign pardons for himself and others between now and January 2021. Wondering what the hell is in store for the US and the world in 2021. Wondering even if the democrat candidate takes the seat, how on earth does America overcome the ugly red blue polarisation that looks neatly geographical on the election outcome maps shown on TV, but as we know, is actually an untidy divide that exists between people who live on the same streets and even in the same families? It’s not geopolitical, it’s personal. The ununited states.

Is the main meal civil war?

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