Book Launch

My second book, Long Jetty Short Stories Vol I, is out! Thanks to Ginninderra Press for its publication.

I am having a launch in Long Jetty, of course. Come along if you can.

I bought a box of books and will have copies for sale at a special launch price.

All the stories are set in the Long Jetty area where I live. I have interspersed the stories with blog entries I made over the period of writing these stories, which was essentially from January 2019, when Australia was on fire, up to February 2020, when the pandemic was just about to hit.

When the pandemic did hit, I felt that the world had changed and that anything created before the coronavirus spread across the continents would be obviously out-dated, perhaps no longer relevant. In essence, my stories were historical fiction. So, I shelved them. After I got over myself and looked back over them, I felt that they were perhaps still relevant and sent them off to Gininderra Press. And now, they have arrived.

I am having the launch at the Savoy. Here is a blurb from their website:

Long Jetty once housed the Central Coast’s biggest movie theatre – The Savoy. The Savoy first swung it’s doors open in 1956 as the Coast’s first and only CinemaScope screen. It was a post World War 2 entertainment complex. The Savoy was closed as a cinema in 1976 with mixed use since then on the ground floor with the mezzanine and projection room laying disused and dormant for 40 years. Until now. Rising out of the ashes from its glory days, The Savoy is reborn into a multi-purpose bar and restaurant venue! We will bring a variety of offerings to the community, The re-establishment of The Savoy as a hub will contribute to the ever-changing vibrant strip of Long Jetty.

The Savoy is featured in two stories in the collection and therefore perfect for the launch.

If you can’t make it to the launch and would like to get a copy of Long Jetty Short Stories Vol I, you can purchase it online in paperback or e-book formats.

Here are some links:

Ginninderra Press



Alternatively, you might like a signed copy. If so, contact me directly via this website.

Many thanks to all of you, my followers, for your continued support and encouragement.

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