Lift Off

Big thanks to all who attended the launch of ‘Long Jetty, Short Stories, Volume 1, Before the ‘Rus’. The Savoy at Long Jetty proved to be the perfect venue with rumours that a handful of revellers kicked on and ended up at The Long Jetty Hotel. For some it was a very dusty Sunday, trust me I know.

I am thrilled to have had some great feedback on the book already. When I was reading through the final proofs of the book, I must admit to suffering from some serious self doubt about the stories. It’s all part of the process, apparently. Incidentally, my publisher, Stephen Matthews at Ginninderra Press, has just sent me the first galley proofs for Volume 2. So here we go again.

Special thanks to my three daughters, Hannah, who read a piece from the book, Bethany, who made a fabulous cake, and Bronte, who nearly sold the whole box of books I took along just in case someone wanted one!

Of course, I must mention, Linda. Call her friend, lover, partner or muse, she is all of these and more. And as I said at the launch, she got me into this caper. Thank you.

Anyway, enough chit chat, below are some photos courtesy of Adam Kroenert, who is not only a brilliant photographer, but now, officially, destined to become my son-in-law.

The card table with the merchandise.
Punters arrive.
Counting down by recounting stuff.
Hannah reading ‘Life and Death Are Not Simple Matters’.
Bethany cutting the launch cake.
Signing away.

11 thoughts on “Lift Off

  1. Awesome! Sounds like a wonderful occasion! I must order your book from Ginninderra… unless you have a way I can buy directly from you? I published a Chapbook through Ginninderra recently – Stephen’s partner Brenda looked after me. They really made it so easy for me. A great team!

  2. As you might remember, Sean, I am of a very advanced age. So, I’m not savvy with ordering online. I hope, one of these days, one of my daughters can help me with ordering your book. 🙂
    Thanks for telling us about your lovely family and for sharing all these beautiful pictures! 🙂
    Three lovely daughters, a brilliant photographer, destined to become your son-in-law,
    and the wonderful support of your partner, Linda. You are a lucky fellow, indeed, and it looks to me, you do deserve it. 🙂
    I am going to reblog this page, hoping, Sean, that maybe some of my followers may find your stories interesting. 🙂

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