Long Jetty, Short Stories – Volume 2

Hope you can make it along to the launch of my third book. I will have copies available at a special cheap as chips price.

Part of the process of getting a book published, at least in my case with Ginninderra Press, is providing a back cover blurb. I look forward to the day when someone else will do this for me as I hate writing about my work and myself in this manner. Anyway, this what I came up with:

This big machine we had created, the latest iteration of human civilisation – who knows what future historians will call it – became so complex and unwieldy, that it didn’t matter which lever you pulled, the damn thing was spinning out of control, large chunks breaking off, the whole shebang destined to crash and burn. (Circa 2020)

Illicit drugs are done in seedy bathrooms or out in the park behind the shubbery on land stolen from native people and later cleared of ‘the idle and profligate hoi polloi’. Intoxication an absolute necessity in a world where an untainted view of reality is way too confronting for us mere mortals. We crave euphoria, a night of release from the prison of the modern anxiety state. (Too Cool to Cancel)

‘Don’t you have a boyfriend with a ute, or somethink?’

Somethink, she thought loudly in her head. What a moron. Maybe I’m gay, and have a girlfriend with a ute. Or maybe I’m straight and single and I have my own ute, and am capable of getting rid of the junk by myself! Have you thought of that? (Starting Over)

Inside the relative safety of Alexander’s bedroom, he and Josie eat their breakfasts. In one corner is a television with the volume down low. They watch the scrolling news ticker. Trees are down in several places on the train line between Newcastle and Sydney. There are major and minor flood warnings up and down the whole of the east coast of NSW. It is a one-in-a-hundred-year event, the second one this autumn. (Tribe)


Still at his desk in Long Jetty on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia, Sean Crawley continues his series of short stories and musings on life, death and navigating an uncertain world. Written between March 2020 and April 2021, his writing reflects the changes that did occur because of the pandemic and what stayed exactly the same.

If you can’t make it along and would like to purchase my book, which is available in both print and e-book formats, here are some links:

Purchase printed book direct from publisher

Print copies available at Booktopia, Angus & Robertson and of course Book Depository (which has free delivery worldwide)

E-books are available at Amazon, Kobo and SCRIBD


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