Hi, and welcome to my blog.

I’ll be upfront here and confess that I haven’t got much of a clue about what’s really going on in this world but I am, like many of us, a very curious animal. I endeavour to be well informed, so I observe the world and read a lot. Then I get up at 4.22am and write.

Lately, I have been finding that writing fiction is working well for my sanity. I start in the dark and before you know it the sun’s up and everything’s groovy.

So here is a record of some of my stuff. Hope you enjoy.


27 thoughts on “About

  1. I think I can comment before I hit ‘follow’. So I just want to know two things; the photo of the beach and the sand dunes? Where is that and is it yours because it reminds me of a place I know. And where you from? You don’t need to be specific; hemisphere? continent, country, town street whatever? Then I’ll see how we go.

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog recently. I confess that I am not as assiduous as you, getting up at 4:22am each day to write. With the advent of the computer, and social media and publishing on demand, not to mention the glut of Baby Boomers all retiring at the same time and searching for ways to fill their days and provide their lives with new meaning and purpose and to that end, deciding that documenting their experiences will do quite nicely, I imagine the Muse has a lot on her plate right now; so I have struck a deal with her. She comes to me whenever she can spare the time and I, for my part, undertake to make the best of her sporadic encouragement with energy and gratitude but no great expectation.
    PS I hate leaf blowers too!

  3. Scott! Thank you for following me on WordPress. Sailing! I’ve done that a bit myself, but not lately. I see you’re on Tablo. I love Tablo and I’m also on board. What really impresses me is you seem to be so prolific. You obviously have more writing time than I do. I’m very envious. Anyway …
    Michael K Freundt

  4. Sean, I’m so happy to have you land on Augenblick. (One of my most loyal readers is from Australia: did you perhaps find me via his wonderful blog, https://vinylconnection.com.au/)? My output has dropped off in the last several months and I need to get revved up again (the state of US politics is really depressing). From your gravatar, it looks like you’ve got a beautiful spot to play your guitar! The art at the top of this page (boats at dock) is lovely; is it your own?

    • Happy to be there. I am pretty sure I came via ‘vinyl collections’. The picture at the top is from a photo I took down at a place called The Entrance, near where I live. Look forward to you becoming more active on your blog. It is great to hear political commentary from mouths on the ground, if you get my drift, and not through the filters of main stream media.

  5. I admire your gumption for getting up at such an early hour to do your writing, I am absolutely unable to wake up until the sun is out. However I have been known to do some of best writing after midnight.

  6. Hi, Sean –
    Have you ever had a go at the Norwegian nature? Here’s your chance! Nearly 8000 pictures, – nearly all in ‘full screen’ at my blog. Love to see you there!

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