Short Shorts

Less than 1000 words = less than 5 minute read. Busy eh?


Aromatherapy – in the future not wearing deodorant may be the best option.

Basim, Tyson, Betty and Ted – a train disaster doesn’t have to be all chaos and mayhem.

Blanket Rules – another public transport tale.

Cowry Dice and Lizard Handles – generations of beach lifetimes.

Every Story has a Beginning, Middle and an End – no extra charge for the extras.

Foundation Song – flash flash fiction.

Movin’ On Up – head north young man.

One Good Turn – revenge is sweet

Season 4, Episode 12 – not another reality cooking program!

Stomach This – and while we’re on about food.

Submission – it’s not what you think.

The Crows – bird problems.

The Out-Shirts of Town – magic can happen.

The Quiet Man Who Fed the Octopus – another festival, another drama.

Walking That Path – enlightenment anyone?