Ber-Dum Ber-Dum.. NASA Rock. (S.Crawley).. Sean Crawley – bass, lead vocal. Phill Tate – guitar, vocals. Rod Crundwell – keyboards, vocals. Craig Hartmann – drums.



B-side of Berdum Berdum’s 1984 single … Time Will Tell (R. Crundwell)

Ber-Dum Ber-Dum, 1984. Written by Phill Tate. Phill Tate – guitar, lead vocal Sean Crawley – bass and vocals, Rod Crundwell – keyboards and vocals, Craig Hartmann – drums. Produced by Arnold Stigheart and Berdum Berdum. Engineered by Clive Shakespeare … Love Potion No XXX (P. Tate)


My Triple J Unearthed Songs

Girlfriend for Winter

Valentine’s Day

No Promises





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