My Friend, the Essay

Copy of email received yesterday:

Dear Writers,
I am happy to inform you, your entry into the Fellowship of Australian Writers Qld Literary competition, short story section, has been awarded a Highly Commended.
The Committee would like to congratulate you on this win.
In the new year we will be publishing all winning entries, highly commended and commended in our magazine Scope. Could you please email me a copy of your story so I can file it for the new year.
Erica Woolgar        In Another’s Trouble
Jim Brigginshaw     The White Horse
Anne Andrews        Cat Destiny
Ruth Morgan          A Dangerous Night
Barbara Gurney      Honest People
Jonathan Furneaux Second Father
Sean Crawley         My Friend, The Essay
Kim Horwood         Flossy’s Fisherman
Once again, congratulations. You will receive your certificate within the next fortnight.
Kind regards
Virginia Miranda
FAWQ Secretary
Needless to say, happy about that.
I have just put this short story HERE




We are strong, yet fragile.

We can go for decades, overcoming obstacles and attacks from unpredictable quarters. We wake each morning with a will to live in our gut, and an idea in our head; all the while somewhat confident that we can succeed.

Yet, in an instant we can be felled by a random comment, or a tone in a voice, or a look in someone’s eye.

That is who we are. Strong boned, soft skinned. Resilient and vulnerable at the same time.

We, Homo sapiens.

Lots of puddles to jump.

The rain is falling.
I open my email inbox.
A delight to find this:
Thank you for your entry/entries in Literary Nillumbik’s Alan Marshall Short Story Award 2018.
We are delighted to advise that your story has been shortlisted and is currently with judge, Maxine Beneba Clarke, for her final recommendations.
This happy news will be made public today via our e-news later this afternoon and on our Facebook page.
To access our Facebook page from this link:

Feel free to like and share your achievement on social media.
#nillumbikarts #literarynillumbik2018
The winners will be announced at the Literary Nillumbik Celebration to be held on Saturday, 1 September from 2pm at Eltham Library.
An invitation to this event with further details will follow in the coming month.

There’s a kind of solstice, all over the world, today …

rainbow bilgola 3_FotoSketcher

For my followers in the northern hemisphere, happy summer solstice. For those of you south of the equator, happy winter solstice and a joke you can tell only today:

I went to a fortune teller today. She said, “I see things have been a bit miserable lately, the world cold and grey, darkness growing. But do not fear, for the next six months more and more light will fill your days.”

I know, a pretty lame dad joke, eh? If you want more, check out my short story Dad Jokes.

PS: Do people on the equator celebrate the solstices?

Wake Up and Smell the Humans by Sean Crawley

Thank you, The Fiction Pool.

The Fiction Pool

He was a lot older and drank too much. But there was no doubting his passion and sense of fun. Plus, he owned a house or six.

She was young and beautiful, legs up to the sky. But she had a brain. Plus, she was a renter with no hope of getting into the housing market.

His invitation to Paris didn’t require much thought.

They stayed the night before at the airport hotel. He ordered oysters and champagne and wore a purple G-string when he answered the door to room service. The young girl attendant was not amused. People were such prudes.

One dozen oysters and ten thousand bubbles later, the night duty manager appeared at the door to inform them that a complaint had been registered.

“Thanks for the update captain. Please duly note my attire.” He did a pirouette. “See? No genitalia visible.”

“Enjoy your stay Mr and…

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