Here are some links to stories that I have had published on other sites:

So Long, Sixteen

The ‘D’ Word

Stomach This


Dead People Don’t Make Jam

In Tendo Capital

Season 4, Episode 12

Pillow Talk

Walking That Path


One Good Turn

Blanket Rules

In no short order, the winner for the COMFORTABLY ANON Award is Sean C, who received top marks from our five judges for his dystopian Sci Fi Short, Blanket Rules.

Blanket Rules takes some of our modern day anxieties about identity and anonymity and transplants them to the near future, managing to hit on a number of different themes including Climate, Technology, and Control.

All this on a train ride.

Congratulations Sean on an excellent knock!

In cricket they have a saying. “Well in.” It’s something you might say to your teammate after a particularly good ball. It’s also something you might say say to the opposition’s batsman if they play an impressive shot.

That’s the sort of game cricket is, at it’s best, competition without ignominy.

Sometimes you look around and think that some of the stuff going on in the world and think ‘It’s just not cricket’. But all we can really say about this next short story by Sean C is “Well in”.

The Quiet Man Who Fed The Octopus

The Out-Shirts Of Town

A short story about fashion where two hipster brothers have found the secret to making their apparel truly transformative. 

Last time Sean graced our pages it was with his winning entry Blanket Rules. Returning with something a little more comical, but still packing that trademark wit, Crawley takes us to contemporary Sydney with a twist. Enjoy The Out-Shirts Of Town by Sean Crawley. 

Foundation Song (you’ll have to scroll way down to find my story on this page)

Basim,Tyson, Betty and Ted (currently long listed in the Needle In The Hay Major Competition.

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