Juicy Worms


Since I recently came out as an author, people have been saying to me, “Well this whole corona virus thing must be providing you with lots of material to write about.”

The problem is that I spent a good fifty years living, working and pondering the world before I understood it well enough to scratch out a story or seven.

Essentially, I see the world as a winner take all capitalist economy that pretends to be a civilisation. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a pessimist. I also see the world chock-a-block full of decent, kind, generous, hard working, funny and creative people, who everyday punch out loving and meaningful lives.

Now, everything has changed. I haven’t got a clue what to write about.

Now that I know firsthand how long it takes to write a book, then edit the thing, then get it accepted by a publisher, and then for the publisher to get it out in print and/or e-book, I’m thinking, “Hell’s Bells, what on Earth will the world be like at that point in the future!”

I do have another collection of short stories I was working on for my second book. But will they be relevant anymore, after the pandemic? When people are permitted to un-isolate themselves, who knows what decisions will be made about the economy? Will it, as I fear, be a simple matter of kick-starting the beast back into action. Business as usual. Back to work folks, debts to be paid off, got to keep the economy growing. Or will we wake up a bit and understand that a growing economy is the problem and not the solution?

In the meantime, I’ll scratch around a bit. The chooks out in the backyard have taught me a few things. Don’t stop scratching, there’s a juicy worm or two out there in the dirt.

13 thoughts on “Juicy Worms

  1. ” Life is an irresistible song. All its trickery!, all its joy, its fanfare, its deceit but a moment etched on us like breath on a mirror and who really has the time or wisdom to answer the whys and wherefores before that mist is evaporated forever ?”

  2. You say: “Or will we wake up a bit and understand that a growing economy is the problem and not the solution?”

    I say, If by now we have not understood that a ‘growing’ economy is the problem then I see no hope for the planet, none whatsoever.

  3. I have noticed for a while that our western societies have moved from conservative expectations of stability to a more fearful, panicked trepidation…it is difficult as a writer to cater for such a temprement. The anxious uncertainty in the population offers little time for quiet consideration of a subtle plot or longer story-line.
    I consider the majority of my writing to be of a “pastoral story” genre…set in themaun in a country location that demands a degree of “local feel” being transmitted through the story-line…unfortunately, an urgency for an impatient reading public to “get to the point” makes such stories seem slow or uneventful in the light of so much disaster politics and media reporting. But at such a time, those calming tales and insights are JUST THE THING that is needed…if only the now panicked public could grab a paper-bag and do some deep breathing!
    Here..I wrote on it a while back.. https://freefall852.wordpress.com/2019/01/10/letter-to-a-friend/

  4. I have a hope that the virus will mean people get back to the root of what is important to them – food, shelter, warmth, family, love, community, taking care of one another. And that the old economy will crumble, in its place will be something more sustainable. Yeah funny how you say that your old stories may not be relevant in the new reality, I was reading back on my posts and thinking the same thing, it is amazing how something like this can really shake up how you see the world, but in a good way, a new kind of clarity.

  5. I hope people realize there was no normal to begin with. It was all illusion. We really aren’t in control and Mother Earth keeps trying to show us this. If we don’t change direction we will join the other species that we’ve caused to go extinct

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