A reasonable and positive forecast

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This will be my last post for 2019.

Today we drive up to the Hunter Valley for my daughter’s wedding. I have written a speech. I would love to be able to deliver it without reading it, but I doubt that will happen.

We won’t get back until January 1, it will be 2020, a new decade. I could, like when I turned fifty, express a reasonable and positive forecast for the years ahead. (When fifty I said to myself – there is no reason why the next twenty years can’t be the best years of my life. And, though I can’t fully explain why, this forecast is manifesting into reality.)

So what can I forecast for the 2020s? How about, there is no reason why the next decade can’t be the time in which humanity changes its current course and once again heads in a direction of true progress?

What do I mean by true progress? Good question. In this case it may be best to answer with what true progress is not. True progress is not economic growth or more jobs. It is not the destruction of the biosphere. It is not the increasing division between the genders, or races, or sexualities, or nationalities, or whatever identity (tribe) to which an individual may subscribe. It is not political extremism, and it is not blaming something or someone else for all the wrongs of this world. True progress is not a race, a competition or a game. True progress does not have winners and losers.

And why do I call true progress a reasonable forecast? Because the world is whimpering and more and more of us are hearing it. Deep down we know there is a better way, and I for one, believe that humans have the capacity to do better.

There are those who argue that humans are flawed and fated to fail. These voices want us to accept the collapse of civilisation, and extinction, as inevitable. On the other hand, there are those who continue to spruik that capitalism and technological advancement and consumer confidence will come to the rescue. These voices want us to ignore reality and submit to the status quo.

More and more of us are speaking out and taking to the streets. The lies of those who want the current system to continue (because of the individual benefit to themselves) are becoming more and more intolerable. The invented fears these voices engender to keep the masses in their place are evaporating, we are gaining courage as we have everything to lose.

I want to thank all my readers for their encouragement and support and look forward to the decade ahead, the new roaring twenties!

15 thoughts on “A reasonable and positive forecast

  1. Thank you, Sean, for finding my blog. I hope your daughter’s wedding went well? Happy New Year to you and your loved ones and may you all have much love and many blessings in this new decade. 🙂

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